Tears In My Beer

by Museum Mouth

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First record, old record, old lead singer. If you thought "wow this doesn't sound like Karl" when you started listening that's cuz it's not. Most of these songs were sung by Savannah Levin. She also played bass before Kory Urban started doing that.

We still play a few of these songs live so it's worth the download

Debut full length. Recorded in February/ March of 2010 at Casa de la Kuehn, and in Graham's bathroom.


released March 18, 2010

All songs by: Karl Kuehn/ Graham High/ Savannah Levin



all rights reserved


Museum Mouth Wilmington, North Carolina

Or else you're fitting sad pegs in dead holes and then the kids are crying because the toys are all broke.


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Track Name: Jerk Girls
Jerk girls are always bringing me down
I can't get away from the sound
their dull voices in my head
jerk girls you're better off dead
I'm better off dead

Jerk girls!

Jerk girls I can't avoid you
my heart is telling me the truth
I want to race you to my bed
what was the last honest thing you said
what was the last honest thing I said
Track Name: Habit
I tell myself not to but I always find myself coming back
you're nothing special baby, maybe just good with your lips
and I wish I wouldn't

I'm a creature of habit
And I haven't felt anything in a while
a few minutes of bliss and that's all I need
and it's only skin deep

It's 3am and I'm feeling lonely I want to be touched
I want to be felt I want something else
but it's always you I want
I want someone else, but it's always you

And I won't keep this a secret
after we're done I feel like shit
Track Name: Go To The Beach
I was an escapist before I escaped
I was a con-artist until I lied
Now I've never been big on taking risks
but god knows that for you I tried
I was young before I got old
and I got old way before my time
I haven't seen the sun in six long months
and this dreary winter makes me want to die

I may seem out of touch
or sometimes out of reach
but when the going gets tough
I'm gonna go to the beach
Track Name: Planet Courtney
Debbie said that she was moving on
and in time I could be your number one
but when the tide is high there's nothing you can do
you gotta face the truth
that I'm going nowhere
I'm losing nothing

I know for sure that I want to give you a try
I really think you could be my guy
sure you tease and wound me bad
but I'm not that kind of girl who gives up like that
I really want to get to you
too bad I've got to face the truth
that I'm going nowhere
I'm losing nothing
Track Name: I Stopped Caring
You've broken me down to the point
where all my maturity has been replaced by insecurity
since when have I lacked the confidence to say the words
that I'm thinking

I know it's a thing of the past but I can't help stressing out
you know I'm inclined to that
I'm just a turtle on my back

And I don't think I could ever be much more than that
No I don't think I could ever be much more
than the glacial words you said
those doleful feelings that I felt
all those times we shared
the conversations we forgot
and now I'm sure
and I'm telling you so you're forewarned
that my apathy
it always gets the best of me

I stopped caring
Track Name: Outside
You write songs about getting over me
so I don't write songs anymore
my lust for life has decreased along with my
fakely clever lyrical techniques

I'm sorry Nabokov
I'm sorry Salinger
I'm sorry Edie
all my old heroes would hate me

I'm more clingy now than ever
always vocally sick
and when asked about my attachment
I'll vocally deny it
Track Name: Virginia
When I think about that time
that we almost stayed best friends
my stomach gets sick
I want to cry
I want to puke
I want my arms around you

I slide my hand under your shirt
you gently bight my lower lip
we lie in bed all day
I always want to kiss you
Track Name: Jennifer
We don't expect anything
whatever you choose we'll always love you
don't you worry
but I know that this will never reach you in time
Track Name: Cathedral
Don't get me started on my list of
shortcomings you'll never hear the end of it
cuz i've given into the fact that things are always awful
I'm a whole hearted pessimist these days

These fires aren't eyes
no one is watching me as I
lay down on wooden seats
with my hands clasped over my heart
am I as dead as I feel?

I've been on life support
for the last nineteen years of my life
why is my body so cold
I want late night sex so wet so tight
am I as dead as I feel?
Track Name: The End Of Days
It's been a while
since I've found anything to say
and everyday I'm counting down
to the end of days
and I feel overwhelmed by
the list of things I have to do
but honestly I'd rather spend my days with you

My thoughts are useless
I need more time to be alone
but when I'm with you
I swear I feel it in my bones
and maybe sometime soon
I could learn to vent to you
about the things on my brain
but I swear I've gone insane